A global directory of psychologists and other healthcare providers who are trained in diagnosing autism in adults, and specifically autism in women and those who identify as female.

This list was compiled through recommendations from patients and submissions from psychologists and other healthcare providers through the private Facebook group, Female Autism Conversation.

If you would like to be considered for addition to the directory please contact us.

United States


Crystal I. Lee, PsyD

Providing house calls on the westside (Los Angeles county) and teletherapy throughout California and Nevada.

LA Concierge Psychologist
Los Angeles, CA

Phone: 424-272-6650
Email: drlee@laconciergepsychologist.com
Website: LA Concierge Psychologist
Psychology Today: Dr. Crystal I. Lee

Dr. Crystal I. Lee is a clinical psychologist licensed in both California and Nevada. She’s been working with autistic clients for almost 20 years now and takes a neurodiversity-affirmative approach to her work with clients.

Dr. Lee specializes in working with autistic adults, particularly women and gender queer individuals. She provides autism assessments for individuals who don’t need formal psychological assessments (i.e., a report to provide documentations for government services) through a series of in-depth, collaborative conversations either in person or online.

Many of the autistic adults Dr. Lee has diagnosed have found the process therapeutic in addition to providing diagnostic clarity.

She obtained her PsyD (doctorate in Clinical Psychology) from Baylor University. Her initial training in autism was at UCLA, and she is PEERS certified (an evidence-based social skills program). She presents at professional conferences and trains other mental health professionals regarding neurodiversity, autism in adults, diagnosing autism in females, and neurodiversity-affirming therapy.

Additionally, Dr. Lee provides supervision and consultation services for testing psychologists and neuropsychologists wanting to improve their ability to identify autism in adults (and women in particular).


Walter Scott Newsom, PhD

Providing telehealth evaluations throughout Texas and almost any international location.

Newsom Psychological
8105 Shoal Creek Blvd. Suite B
Austin, TX 78757

Phone: 855-640-1700
Email: dr.scott@newsompsychological.com
Website: Newsom Psychological
Psychology Today: Walter Scott Newsom

Dr. Walter Scott Newsom has specialized in assessment of neurodevelopmental differences since opening his private practice in 2000. Gender issues have always been an interest of his and he obtained a minor in women’s studies during his undergraduate training.

In the past few years, Dr. Newsom has seen many adult women for ASD evaluations who were missed when they were children, and he continues to evaluate girls starting in early childhood.

Dr. Newsom’s own neurodivergence centering around ADHD has always made him sensitive to these differences in others, including in women.

In addition to his formal training, he is a self-directed learner — involving reading, continuing education pursuits and occasionally in-person conferences focusing on neuropsychology. He recently attended a conference on the MIGDAS with Marilyn Montiero.


Emily Crawford-Thompson, PhD

Columbia Psychology Healing Center LLC
1900 N. Providence Rs. Suite 327
Columbia, MO 65202

Email: emily@columbiapsychology.com
Website: Columbia Psychology
Psychology Today: Emily Crawford-Thompson

Dr. Emily Crawford-Thompson is a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in psychological evaluations with teens (ages 16 and up) and adults, including those who wish to be evaluated for possible autism spectrum disorder. She has over 12 years’ experience in psychological evaluations. She is well-known in Columbia, Missouri as a trusted and compassionate psychologist with impeccable work that both providers and clients respect.

Dr. Crawford-Thompson is trained in the ADOS-2 (Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule), MIGDAS-2, and other measures to assess ASD. She also does comprehensive psychological evaluations to determine diagnoses and treatment recommendations for a range of issues, including but not limited to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and the range of mood, anxiety, and thought disorders.

Evaluations include a comprehensive written report with thorough, specific, and detailed recommendations for treatment and services, tailored to individual needs and emphasizing strengths. Feedback includes a thorough discussion of results in which the client is encouraged to ask questions and share their feelings about direction moving forward.

Dr. Crawford-Thompson also provides individual counselling and group counselling, and she offers workshops for CEs for other mental health providers on a variety of topics including cognitive processing therapy for PTSD, assessment in counselling, and autism in adults.


British Columbia

David Worling, PhD

Spectrum Works Consulting Group
100-1330 West 8th Ave.
Vancouver, BC V6H 4A6

Phone: 604-732-3222
Email: info@spectrumworks.consulting
Website: Spectrum Works
LinkedIn: David Worling

Dr. David Worling has worked extensively with individuals on the autism spectrum for the past 25 years. In addition to providing diagnostic and learning assessments, he has developed innovative treatment protocols for social competence, self-coping, depression, and anxiety.

Dr. Worling established the Westcoast Child Development Group as a full-time private practice for children on the autism spectrum in 2003. As his clinical population matured and encountered new challenges entering the job market, he began advocating for autism employment issues and developed the intervention protocols now offered by Spectrum Works Consulting. Dr. Worling currently supports a number of employees and employment firms as they navigate autism in the workplace.

Dr. Worling holds academic affiliations with the psychology clinic at SFU and teaches a course on autism as a sessional instructor with Psychology Department at UBC. He is also a qualified specialist affiliated with the British Columbia Autism Assessment Network and has given a number of workshops and presentations regarding ASD.


Rylie Moore, C.Psych

Centre for Interpersonal Relationships
520-790 Bay Street
PO Box 87
Toronto, ON M5G 1N8

Phone: 647-417-0182
Email: toronto.admin@cfir.ca
Website: Centre for Interpersonal Relationships
LinkedIn: Rylie Moore

Dr. Rylie Moore works on issues with clients including neuropsychology, sexuality, gender identity/transition, trauma or post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression, psychosis, family and relationship issues, loss and grief, self-esteem and assertiveness, and workplace stress. Through advocacy and community engagement, Dr. Moore strives to promote awareness of mental health services to underrepresented and diverse populations, including the LGBT2QA community.

In addition to providing therapy, Dr. Moore has training in neuroscience, brain-behaviour relationships, cognitive functioning, and the biological underpinnings of mental health, which offers a unique perspective in working with and understanding clients.

Dr. Moore is aware that psychological stressors and resulting difficulties are more prevalent within marginalized populations, including the LGBT2QA community, and thus has sought diverse training to meet client needs.

In addition to therapy and other services, Dr. Moore has extensive training and clinical experience in neuropsychological assessment. A comprehensive neuropsychological assessment will help you understand and formally document your medical or psychiatric condition, such as brain injury and neurological conditions.

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