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Heath Wilder, ‘autigender’, and autistic empathy

Pictured: Heath Wilder in San Francisco, blissfully hanging off the side of a cable car, 2022.

Season two, episode nine is here: Heath Wilder, ‘Autigender’, and Autistic Empathy.

Heath Wilder is the Director of Customer Experience at the Sydney Theatre Company in Sydney, Australia (Gadigal lands), and they were one of the first listeners of The Other Autism podcast — maybe even the first!

Listen as Kristen and Heath aggressively abstain from small talk and dive right in to gender, autigender (aka gendervague), the female autism phenotype or presentation, the double empathy problem, alexithymia, masking, meltdowns, shutdowns, and more.

Check out Heath’s website: Heath Wilder — a journey in the performing arts


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