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I was diagnosed autistic… Now what?

Season two, episode 10 is here: I Was Diagnosed Autistic… Now What?

The number one question I receive from listeners is some version of, “I was just diagnosed as autistic. Now what?” What are some common experiences that people have after autism diagnosis in adulthood? Late autism diagnosis is often defined as diagnosis received after one’s 18th birthday.

Topics discussed also include:

  • Positive and negative thoughts and emotions following late autism diagnosis
  • My experiences following my own autism diagnosis in my 30s
  • Recent research documenting women’s experiences of increased self-compassion following autism diagnosis in adulthood
  • My suggestions for the time following your autism diagnosis

If you’d like to know more about this topic, check out:

Autism Diagnosis in the United Kingdom: Perspectives of Autistic Adults, Parents and Professionals” by Laura Crane et al.

Exploring the Experience of Seeking an Autism Diagnosis as an Adult” by Matthew de Broize et al.

‘Anything But the Phone!’: Communication Mode Preferences in the Autism Community” by Philippa Howard and Felicity Sedgewick

Autistic women’s experiences of self-compassion after receiving their diagnosis in adulthood” by Rosemarie Wilson et al.


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