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Jennifer Dodd, an ‘AuDHDer’ and therapist

Season 2, episode 12 is here: Jennifer Dodd, an ‘AuDHDer’ and Therapist.

Jennifer Dodd is a Portland-based therapist and owner of the Embodied Life Therapy Center. Jennifer is a late-diagnosed autistic individual who has also been diagnosed with the inattentive type of ADHD.

Kristen and Jennifer discuss the ways that ADHD and autism compete with and complement each other, neurodivergent loathing of CBT (sorry, not sorry, CBT!), best types of therapy for autistic folks, the autistic penchant for bottom-up thinking, the times when “mindful masking” just makes sense, and more.

Check out Jennifer’s website: Embodied Life Therapy Center

And her Instagram accounts:


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