New YouTube channel!

Introducing my new YouTube channel! Please join me and be sure to send in any questions you’d like me to answer by video.

My 5 favourite things about being autistic

Since so much content about autism is negative or focused on the difficulties and challenges, I wanted to talk about some of the good things!

Autistic person or person with autism?

What language do most folks on the spectrum prefer? Identity first (autistic person) or person first (person with autism)?

What to do when you have trouble switching from one task to the next

Here is the simple habit that has helped me harness my executive function differences.

Why do some autistic people seem self-absorbed?

A common and sometimes unspoken myth about autistic individuals is that they are self-absorbed. Here, we talk about three possible origins of this myth.

5 signs you may be an undiagnosed autistic woman

A checklist of 5 things that could help identify autism in adult women and those who identify as female or gender fluid.

The deficit model of autism

Historically, our understanding of autism has been based on a deficit model. See why this is a problem.